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Puerto Morelos in talks with ADO to have passenger service reinstated

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Puerto Morelos is working on being added back onto ADO’s route map. On Tuesday, the mayor of Puerto Morelos met with bus company ADO to restart passenger operations.

Municipal head, Blanca Merari Tziu met with the directors of the ADO bus company to discuss restarting passenger service operations in Puerto Morelos.

“We are a consolidated tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean and a municipality that, despite its young age, is undergoing great development and growth, which requires greater land connectivity with other parts of the state and the region,” said the mayor, who was accompanied by the Municipal Secretary for Urban Development and Ecology, Rolando Melo Novelo.

Elpidio Valencia Palomares, commercial manager of ADO, agreed that it is imperative that Puerto Morelos once again has the bus service for the transfer of passengers to destinations such as the city of Cancun, the Cancun International Airport, Playa del Carmen and Chetumal.

He said that they will work to comply with the requirements of municipal authorities so that the ticket sales points return to operation. He announced that if everything goes according to plan, they could restart operations in about a month, adding that down the road, Puerto Morelos could have its own ADO bus terminal.

“We lead an open-door government who listens and acts,” said Tziu. “I celebrate the willingness of the ADO company to listen so that Puerto Morelos reappears on its map of operations and later, works on an executive project in which the development of the municipality and its needs are taken into account,” she said.