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Puerto Morelos hotel issues statement regarding accusation of sexual assault

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — After a hotel guest went public with allegations of sexual assault, the hotel involved issued a statement. On Monday, Ocean Coral & Turquesa Riviera Maya of Puerto Morelos responded to the allegations being made by their former hotel guest.

The unnamed woman said that she was sexually assaulted by a hotel employee Saturday morning (April 30) while waiting for her boyfriend inside the hotel. She made her voice about the allegations public Sunday on social media.

Through an Instagram post, the hotel acknowledged the incident and issued their own statement.

Ocean Hotels has been made aware of the incident reported by the guest Ms. R.H. during her stay at the Ocean Coral Turquesa hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico, as well as the information recently published about it on social networks.

In the first place, we express our absolute rejection and condemnation of any type of violence against our guests and, especially, against women. For this reason, we are collaborating from the outset with the competent authorities to clarify the reported facts.

In this sense, we clarify that the hotel has provided both the available recordings of the security cameras and the identification data of the alleged aggressor to the authorities that are investigating what happened.

Secondly, we also clarify that the alleged aggressor, who is an employee of an external company, was immediately separated from his job at the hotel as soon as the complaint became known and that in no way is he being covered up nor will any aggressor be covered up by the hotel.

We reiterate our strong rejection of any form of violence or abuse and our firm will to continue actively collaborating with the investigation.”

The hotel guest said she was sexually assaulted by a hotel security guard, a man that the hotel says was not a direct employee of the hotel, but rather the employee of an external company. Ocean Coral & Turquesa says that employee has since been relieved of his position and is part of the ongoing investigation.