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Puerto Morelos family demands end to alleged municipal harassment for their land

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A family who says they have been threatened for their land have staged a hunger strike. On Monday, the family pitched tents in front of the municipal government building from where they protested the alleged ongoing mistreatment.

They claim several current Puerto Morelos administration officials have repeatadly tried to intimidate them into selling their 230 hectares of land. The alleged physical and verbal abuse has been ongoing since last year.

They say four criminal complaints have been filed with the Public Ministry, but nothing has come of them. Out of desperation, they began the public hunger strike.

With handwritten banners, they are demanding an end to the attacks and persecution, which they claim, have been orchestrated by the mayor and a group of at least five city hall workers.

The family says the mistreatment began last year and has not stopped. They claim the municipality wants the land, which they say they have owned for many years, for future development.

The area in which they live is considered a high-value area projected for growth. The 230 hectares they own also houses several lagoons that supplies water to the North Zone of Quintana Roo.