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Public tour bus fired upon 18 times along highway

Balacar, Q.R. — A public tour bus traveling along the Mérida-Chetumal highway was shot at by men in passing cars, hitting the bus at least 18 times.

The bus, which was near the community of Vallehermoso, reported being fired upon in what the driver says, was an attempt to force him off the road. The bus driver reported men in two black cars began firing shots at the bus, but instead of yielding to their attempts to force him over, he accelerated and made it safely to the next town.

Once at Vallehermoso, the driver made contact with rural police. Reports say the M&M Tour bus was coming from Mérida to Chetumal with 40 passengers when the occupants of the two cars shot at the bus.

Passengers on the bus said that while the driver was speeding away from the two cars, they intercepted a Jetta and pulled the driver over, stealing his vehicle and leaving him and his passenger stranded.

Police say the bus was hit 18 times, one of which left the bus spewing burning oil from its engine. There were no injuries to the passengers or bus driver. Police continue to look for the cars involved in the shooting.