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Prosecution implements all five in Playa del Carmen bar shooting

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Five people arrested for the murders of seven in a bar shooting in Playa del Carmen earlier this month have been found linked to the crime.

A Playa del Carmen judge reportedly found sufficient evidence was provided by the prosecution to hold all five detainees on charges of homicide. The evidence provided by the Attorney General’s Office implicates José N, Luis N, Jorge N, Ricardo N and Edgar N.

In a public statement, la Fiscalía General del Estado says the five will face criminal proceedings for qualified homicide as well as drug charges for the possession of cocaine.

The judge granted the five detainees justified preventive detention for a term of no more than two years or the duration of the process, while the social representation granted two months to close the complementary investigation.

On January 6, seven people were gunned down inside a Playa del Carmen bar. The deceased have been identified only by their initials, IGLG, YEPA, JLUP, JVDJ, RND, LGSM and ECB. The attack occurred inside Las Virginias bar when five people opened fire.

Six died on scene, while the seventh died in hospital.