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Potholes on Tulum’s costal highway repaired after rains

Tulum, Q.R. — More than 30 potholes have been filled in along Tulum’s coastal road after a bout of heavy rains. Audomaro Solís Pacheco, the Directorate of Municipal Public Services of Tulum, says his team has repaired around 30 potholes on the coastal highway.

He said that the recent heavy rains caused some flooding and due to the constant passage of vehicles, it damaged the pavement, forming potholes, some of which were of great size.

So municipal workers took on the task of repairing the holes. “Since last week we have been experiencing potholes in the coastal area, around 30 to 40 affected points,” he said adding that they have repaired around 45 square meters of open holes.

Solís Pacheco acknowledged frustration among residents and tourists since in addition to damaging vehicles, it also affects traffic.

He said with the fast approaching high season, they began patching so the main routes are in better condition for holiday travel.

“These were instructions from mayor Diego Castañón, which is why we proceeded to make the repairs due to citizen demand. We hope that the rains are finished so there is adequate conditions to work and that the material would adhere correctly to the asphalt,” he said.