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Police make arrests in Gulf Cartel operation in private Playa del Carmen subdivision

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Police responding to the report of a suspicious vehicle parked in a residential neighborhood ended up arresting more than two dozen people. Police were called to the Selvanova subdivision of Playa del Carmen Thursday afternoon after a citizen reported a parked vehicle with armed people inside.

Municipal officers were part of the responding team who located the vehicle on Calle Coto 4 inside the private subdivision. Backup was requested once police verified those inside were armed. Initially, 22 men and eight women were taken into custody. A total of 11 people, all men, were kept in custody after police located numerous loaded long and short weapons.

At least eight police units participated in the operation at which time, authorities detailed finding and seizing seven large-caliber weapons, 12 pistols, seven ballistic vests, hundreds of rounds of ammo, a significant amount of drugs, two vehicles and 27 cell phones.

Those kept in police custody are believed members of the Gulf Cartel. One of the arrested men has been identified as Rizos, an alleged leader of a Playa del Carmen extortion group. While they were processed in Playa del Carmen, during the night, they were transferred to the Secretariat of Public Security in Cancun.