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Police arrive at Tulum accident site to find both drivers gone

Tulum, Q.R. — A Tulum taxi was reduced to a crumple of metal after the driver allegedly slammed into the back of a semi. Highway motorists reported seeing the crumpled car in the middle of the road at around 5:00 a.m. Wednesday.

However, when police and paramedics arrived, no one was there. The driver of the Tulum taxi left the scene as did the driver of the second vehicle.

Both vehicles were found abandoned in the middle of the road along the Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto highway just south of the town of Tulum. Civil Protection and the National Guard also responded to the report of the accident.

When they arrived, they found what was left of the taxi and beer cans in the front seat. Blood was also found inside the cab. The second vehicle was also located without a driver. The mess of metals was eventually towed away to the city coral in Tulum.