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Playa del Carmen woman killed after surprising home intruder

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A woman who surprised an intruder in her home ended up stabbed before falling out of a second story window. On Monday morning, police were called to a home in Real Lucerna. Neighbors made the call after hearing screams as the woman fell out of a second story window.

According to early information, the woman surprised a man who had entered her home early Monday morning. During their struggle, the woman was stabbed several times before falling out of the second story window.

It is not clear if the woman fell or was pushed out the window. She was pronounced on scene. Two Real Lucerna residential security guards, a father and son, were arrested after allegations of a string of inside home robberies.

Local media reports the son, who was an active Real Lucerna security guard, was responsible for the latest robbery that ended with the death of the woman. The father, who was also an active Real Lucerna security guard, was arrested after allegations of covering up his son’s home invasions.