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Playa del Carmen mayor says city needs improvement

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen mayor says there are many improvements needed for the city such as garbage collection, graffiti and image renewal of the city center.

Municipal president Laura Beristain Navarrete says that Playa del Carmen can do better and does need improving in several areas, one of which is garbage collection. She says that the municipality needs to implement a campaign to use less plastic and produce less garbage.

“We need to improve the garbage collection, implement a campaign so that people do not produce so much garbage. It is better to stop producing garbage instead of buying more trucks and saturating the garbage dump,” she said.

She says a campaign to reduce the use of plastic and return to more recyclable products such as metals and glasses would help.

“We have to change our habits and customs. It is not about collecting and solving problems, but improving our attitudes as citizens,” she added.

Beristain Navarrete says she also regrets seeing so much graffiti and adds that things such as drainage in the city center is a problem.

“Every day we use the beaches and the problem with the beaches is that some have collapsed due to lack of drainage and sewerage and it’s eroded by improper construction and illicit activities on the beach,” she explained adding, “We want Playa to be a municipality of quality.”