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PDC tourists who located their stolen items using GPS get four parking lot thieves arrested

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Four people who are alleged to be vehicle thieves were tracked down using the GPS from the stolen items. On Tuesday night, a group of four were arrested after police were notified of the stolen car items.

Three tourists, two from out of the country and one Mexican tourist, were victims of cell phone theft from their vehicles, which they reported, was parked in a central grocery store parking lot.

They told police when they returned to their car, they noticed the trunk had been popped open. Items left inside the trunk, their cell phones, were missing.

Using software GSP, the three male tourists were able to track down the location of their stolen phones. With the help of police, the phones were located and the four people arrested.

At the time of their arrests, Daniel “N”, 31 from Quintana Roo, Carlos “N”, 25 from Chiapas and Genoveva “N”, 46 and Jessica “N”, 34, both from Veracruz, were found in possession of the stolen cells.