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PDC mayor announces alternative route to relieve city traffic congestion

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The construction of an alternate road for Playa del Carmen residents has been announced. Mayor Lili Campos says in response to citizen requests, an alternate road will be paved to relieve traffic congestion on the main Boulevard.

Campos says 680 linear meters of road will be paved on Diagonal 65 Avenue, between the CTM and Colosi, to avoid congestion on the federal highway at Avenue 28 de Julio.

She quoted a cost of 29.9 million peso of federal money that will be used to create the alternative route to support the 333,000 people who requested an outlet for the intersection of Avenue 28 de Julio.

“Our commitment is to serve projects by listening to the residents who have asked that we generate alternative routes, such as this Diagonal 65 Avenue, which will serve as an outlet for the intersection of Av. 28 de Julio with Playa Del Carmen Boulevard.

“In addition, it will be an artery with an environmentally friendly design, preserving the cenote and including it as part of the urban landscape,” she said in a statement.