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Parking meters in Playa del Carmen set to take effect

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The integral mobility system, which includes parking meters in the first frame of Playa del Carmen, will begin operations December 1, confirms Solidaridad city council.

At a press conference, Diego Gracidas of Promotora de Reordenamiento Urbano and Miguel Paz Cetina, the general secretary of Solidaridad City Council, said that in recent months, there has been dialogue with business chambers and citizens as well as with the concessionaire of the meters to reduce conflicts and make the necessary adjustments to the parking meter system.

“Why is this parking meter situation here? Because the previous government apparently did a mobility study and they believed that (this scheme) would give traffic regularity and order,” he said.

Paz Cetina noted that as of December 1, when the machines are put into force, 10 Transit police officers will monitor the areas. He explained that a percentage of the anticipated resources of between 60 and 80 million peso collected from the machines will be applied in the way of improvements to the areas from which they were generated.

He mentioned that residents in the parking meter areas need to apply for a card to be exempt from payment, as well as those with vehicles with disability plates.