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Pair who stole SUV in Cancun finally stopped in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Police in Playa del Carmen were part of an operation that involved stopping a stolen vehicle from Cancun. On Wednesday, authorities were notified of a stolen vehicle from the Cancun airport.

The pair of unidentified car thieves headed for the highway and began driving. Police in neighboring Solidaridad were notified of the speeding SUV after the driver ignored a signal to pull over at the north federal police filter.

The vehicle was eventually intercepted as it entered Playa del Carmen.

Police were waiting for the car culprits at a highway intersection that crosses Arco Vial (Calle Ave. Petempich) with the federal highway. There, the vehicle was finally stopped after the driver failed to outmaneuver waiting police.

The vehicle stolen was a private Yucatan-plated SUV. Both people from inside the stolen car were arrested. A tow truck arrived to haul the unit away.