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Pair stopped in Cancun for making threats found with trunk of weapons

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men who were reported for physically threatening a Cancun man have been arrested. Cancun police took 33-year-old Miguel “N” and 31-year-old Carlos “N” into custody for threats, usurpation of functions and possession of prohibited weapons.

Police were patrolling streets in SM 254 when they were flagged down by a man who explained he was nearly run over by the driver of a white Chevy car. The two men from inside got out and physically threatened him before fleeing.

Police were able to track down the car and its two occupants who were located still in the area. When stopped by city officers, police reported both men took on an aggressive attitude, asked to be released and identified themselves as police.

While stopped, Cancun officers noticed the men were wearing name tags with a Customs Treasury logo, which initiated a search of their vehicle. Inside, police located a jacket with the SAT logo, two caps with the customs logo. In the trunk, they found four guns, three long and one short weapon.