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Pair remain imprisoned on four counts of attempted murder in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two suspects will reappear in court on charges of attempted homicide after shooting at the façade of a private home. The shooting happened earlier this week in the Colosio neighborhood of Playa del Carmen.

The family inside reported the shooting to police, which lead to the arrest of the two men. The State Attorney General’s Office says that after an initial investigation, David “R” and Eber “C” were picked up and charged with four counts of attempted murder.

During their hearing, a judge ordered them to remain in custody for the duration of their trial. The pair are being charged with attempting to kill the four people inside the home.

In their statement, police said the two men were detained as part of an operation in response to the report of the shooting. They were arrested while traveling on a motorcycle. Arresting officers located a firearm on them during a physical search.