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Pair of skunks relocated off Baja California hotel property

Ensenada, Baja California — Two resident skunks seen roaming for food on hotel property in Ensenada have been captured and relocated by federal officers.

Officers from la Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambiente say they have captured, inspected and released a pair of skunks that were seen one-too-may-times searching for food on a hotel property in Ensenada.

The two northern striped skunks were captured in the area known as combs, areas destined for the hold-up of small and medium-sized vessels, in the vicinity of the hotel. Federal officers say that hotel staff reported the pair “skunking around” the property in search of scraps of food, something that had become a regular habit.

Officers arrived and caged the animals. They were taken to a veterinarian and were found to be in optimal health. They were reintegrated into the wild far from the urban area, in the Arroyo San Miguel Delegation of the Sauzal of the Municipality of Ensenada.

The northern striped skunk is the most widespread skunk species in North America and can be found from Canada to the northern states of Mexico.