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Pair of heavily armed men seen by residents reported to Playa del Carmen police

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two heavily armed men were removed from Playa del Carmen streets this weekend after citizen complaints. Their arrests were made Friday by police from the Secretariat of Public Security and Solidaridad Transit.

The pair were arrested from their vehicle Friday afternoon after police began a search for their Grand Cherokee. They were located on Playa del Carmen Boulevard with Arco Vial in the Ejido neighborhood.

As agents approached, they noticed a long firearm, for which the men were asked them to get out of the vehicle. When carrying out a security inspection, 39-year-old Héctor “N” from Tabasco and 39-year-old Miguel “N” from Chiapas were found in possession of loaded guns, ammo and 106,000 peso in cash.

The now detained showed documents to demonstrate the legal possession of the weapons, but the paperwork presented inconsistencies, which resulted in their arrests.