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Pair of Chiapas men arrested after failed extortion attempt against a Playa del Carmen businessman

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two men from the state of Chiapas have been arrested in Playa del Carmen for their failed attempt at extortion. The pair were taken into police custody Saturday after police were notified of the attempt to charge a businessman floor rights.

Playa del Carmen police arrested 32-year-old taxi driver Heriberto N and 27-year-old Guillermo N, both of whom are from the state of Chiapas, for extortion against a business owner in the Nueva Creacion area of Playa del Carmen.

Police were alerted to the attempt to collect floor rights after they were flagged down during a surveillance tour. The owner of the business told police that the pair were being held in his shop, adding that they entered with an envelope that contained a threatening handwritten note and instructions to pay floor right fees.

Police arrived to find the pair in the store however, both attempted to flee before they could be arrested. Police were successful in catching and detaining both.