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Overturned dump truck shuts highway outside Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — A dump truck carrying a load of rocks and gravel overturned Saturday outside Cancun. The truck emptied its load onto the highway, resulting in a complete closure.

The accident was recorded Saturday afternoon on a section of highway outside Cancun. The driver of the heavy unit with two worker passengers, is reported to have dozed off at the wheel.

In an attempt to correct his straying unit, he over corrected and ended up toppling the truck onto its side. The dump truck was located in the middle of the two lane highway with one of the lanes buried in gravel and loose rocks.

Several National Guard Highway units were requested at the scene to help the three men from the dump truck manually shovel away the ton-plus load of gravel blocking the highway. The men from inside the truck were not injured.

The highway was shut for approximately four hours while the road was cleared and the dump truck up-righted and towed.