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Over densifying and low fines part of unresolved Playa del Carmen issues says mayor

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Developers were allowed to build higher than permitted and fines for over densifying were lower than established by law. On Wednesday, Playa del Carmen Mayor Lili Campos said those were still some of the issues she is dealing with from the previous administration.

Campos reported that the previous administration allowed several developers to build higher than the local regulation of six levels. She said that some of those developers were then fined, amounts that were lower than established by the law and often not even paid.

During her Wednesday press conference, Campos said that there was complicity to allow an over-densification in the city through construction projects that exceeded what was permitted by law, irregularities that were resolved by fines.

Campos said, however, that it is not about paying fines, it is about following the law.

“It is not about paying fines. If the law does not allow it, then they should have been demolished,” said the mayor who added that part of the ongoing investigation into irregularities from the previous administration are regarding these fines.

She said that developers who were fined were given sanctions lower than what corresponds to the law. She stressed that not only is the approving official in legal trouble, so are the developers who exceed the six level rule.

“By law, it is not only the official who signed off who gets into trouble, but also those developers that have more than six levels and those are now being investigated,” she said.