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Over 600 units and 2 billion pesos invested in Quintana Roo security

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Over 600 new police patrol units were delivered by the government of Quintana Roo. The police units will be distributed between the state’s 11 municipalities.

The Government of Quintana Roo spent more than 2 billion pesos on the 689 units, 507 ballistic vests and a helicopter that were delivered to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC). Governor Mara Lezama says the money was spent to strengthen the SSC and to reinforce peace and security.

Lezama says recovering security and peace, which is a central objective of her government, is a battle that must be fought together since it is an issue in which there is no place for selfishness, political calculations or individual positions.

“That is a basic foundation of the New Agreement for the Well-being and Development of Quintana Roo, putting people at the center of decisions, and the claim to recover peace is one of the most heartfelt in society.

“That is why we assume it as our own and we made the political decision to recover peace in the state,” she explained.

She said some of the police units are on loan, while others others were financed and 100 more were a donation. For the purchase of the helicopter, almost 440 million pesos was set aside since it is a fundamental instrument for security tasks, Lezama said.

She detailed that the 507 ballistic vests cost 11.3 million “which will protect the lives of the police. It’s money from the people, for the people,” she said adding that when it comes to security, there are no magic solutions and what has decomposed for years cannot be fixed in months.

“In this matter there is no room for selfish divisions, for laziness, for irresponsible decisions and much less for simulations. In security, flashy work or acts are not admissible. We already had a lot of that for a long time and we have the consequences today to show for it,” she said.