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Over 300 volunteers collected more than a ton of recyclable garbage during Tulum street clean

Tulum, Q.R. — More than a ton of recyclable garbage was collected from the municipal streets of Tulum during a mass volunteer cleanup. Over the weekend, volunteers from the Tulum Circula program and the Tulum City Council managed to collect more than a ton of recyclable garbage.

Gerardo Nieto, director of the Tulum Circula program collection center thanked the volunteers for their support on July 16 and 17 to clean Tulum streets. He said 311 volunteers participated in the two day garbage collection along with more than 30 civil society organizations and 14 coordinators.

The garbage was collected by the volunteers who met in 21 different meeting points where they were provided with instructions and materials for the municipal garbage pickup.

Nieto said after the two days, 919 kilograms of general garbage (which went to the landfill) was collected along with 1,476 kilos of recyclable waste, six kilos of cigarette butts, eight tires, 12 kilograms of caps and 14 jugs of fats and oils were collected.

He referred to the cleaning effort as successful, saying that the intention is to change the public and urban image of Tulum by correctly depositing waste.

“We are happy because people participated both days. There was an efficient organization team, although we reduced the number of points compared to what we had thought additionally, and the results were good,” he said.

He said that they are planning another municipal cleanup in the near future.