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One Mexican charged in Belize cocaine bust

Dangriga, Belize — One of the six subjects detained by Belize Police in an anti-drug operation is a man of Mexican nationality. The six were busted while unloading more than 1,300 kilos of cocaine from a plane along the Coastal Road, near the Mexican border.

La Policía de Belice report that four of those arrested have been charged with the crime of drug trafficking including the 69-year-old Mexican national. The King Air Aircraft 200 was seen landing along the Belizean highway approximately 250 kilometers south of Chetumal.

Belizean police say the plane was detected during the night hours by radar of the Belizean armed forces. The plane had taken off from a runway in Venezuela, which triggered an immediate search by local Belize police who were able to meet the landing plane and arrest all six on board.

They report that their cargo was a total of 1,341 kilograms of pure cocaine. Those arrested have been identified as 69-year-old Miguel Cruz from Tamaulipas, Mexico, Juan Pablo C., 43 of Ecuador, Carlos Humberto H.G., 51 and David Noé O.D. 30, both from Honduras.

All four were presented before magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson and were read the charge of drug trafficking after police said they tried to smuggle 1,341 kilograms of cocaine into Belize.

Belize Police Commissioner, Chester Williams, said that two other Hondurans, 31-year-old Allan Yovani M.C. of San Pedro Sula and 50-year-old Norlan José C.L. are waiting for a separate process on charges which will be held in November.

He said that when the charges of drug trafficking were read against them, they replied “We understand the charge but do not accept it.”

Belize police say the drugs, which have been seized and secured in a warehouse, will be burned.