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One killed, one injured when vehicle shot at on roadway

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — An attack by an armed group has left one person dead and another with injuries after the vehicle in which they were traveling overturned.

The incident occurred in the community of Polyuc in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto after a vehicle carrying two, was shot at while traveling along a roadway. The vehicle, which was hit numerous times, overturned. The driver died on scene.

The passenger, 25-year-old A.G.S.C., managed to get out and run. During his attempt to flee, he was hit twice by gunfire, once in the hip and once in the leg. Paramedics arrived and transferred him to a Chetumal hospital where he remains stable and under police protection.

The official identification of the deceased driver of the vehicle was not immediately revealed. Ministerial authorities say they continue to investigate.