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One killed during police rescue of six kidnapped from Cancun restaurant

Cancun, Q.R. — State head of Public Security has confirmed the death of one and arrest of four after a restaurant kidnapping in Cancun Thursday.

Restaurant security video shows men storming the restaurant at 5:18 p.m. and at gun point, removing six males from inside the establishment into a waiting vehicle. The daytime kidnapping, which took place in minutes, happened at an eatery along Kabah Avenue in SM 12. Inside patrons called emergency 911.

Police were on scene fast, managing to confront the vehicle and criminals in SM 69 where neighbors reported hearing dozens of rounds of gunfire as police exchanged shots with kidnappers.

On social media, the Secretario de Seguridad Pública, Alberto Capella confirmed the situation, warning people to stay away from the area along avenida Torcasitas.

“We have a strong confrontation with suspected criminals in SM 69 in Benito Juárez. Take precautions and avoid the area,” he wrote shortly after the attack occurred.

Witnesses reported that shooting toward police began from inside a home. Police repelled the attack and requested reinforcements from Quintana Roo Police. A Red Code was activated as police were successful in rescuing three of the victims from inside the home. During that shootout, one of the kidnappers was killed by gunfire.

Police moved in and arrested four others. The remaining three victims were then rescued by police. One of the four arrested was reported injured by gunfire.

Capella announced “We have released victims who a few hours ago had been deprived of liberty, one alleged criminal was killed and another injured and detained for the time being. We are still investigating.”