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Official weekly sargassum updates provided by government

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The government of Quintana Roo says weekly reports on the state’s sargassum conditions will be made in conjunction with the navy. Efraín Villanueva Arcos, the Secretary of Ecology says the goal of the official updates will be to ensure public information on the actions and advancements being carried out.

Secretary of the Navy Rear Admiral Alejandro López Centeno explained that regarding the collection of seaweed, there are 11 coastal vessels, one at-sea vessel and 9,000 meters of sea barriers installed.

He explained that on July 5, the sea barriers at Playa del Carmen and Tulum were removed due to bad weather. He said that bad weather has a negative impact on the condition of the barriers, which required them to be temporarily uninstalled.

He added that the coastal collection vessels were also sheltered due to wind and high waves. As soon as weather permits, the barriers will be reinstalled and sargassum vessels returned to the coast where they will again, begin collecting the seaweed.

The Nattans ocean vessel, he mentioned, has been out-of-service due to repairs, however, it is ready now and will go into operation this week in Playa del Carmen before heading for the southern zone.

Next week, they will start with the installation of 960 meters of barriers in Puerto Morelos.

The island of Holbox, however, continues to enjoy relatively sargassum-free beaches. Joe Richaud, public relations, explained that “the sargassum is not bad, in the quantities observed, is atypical.” He explained that “Holbox is not being impacted by this natural phenomenon thanks to the marine currents that throw the sargassum away from its coasts and sends it towards the highest point of the Gulf of Mexico towards Florida.”

The SEMAR rear admiral stressed that the landing of sargassum is natural, but since it occurs in excessive volumes, it makes it difficult to mitigate its impact, noting it is not possible to stop it, only deal with it.