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Officials hold Chetumal security review meeting due to increase in criminal activity

Chetumal, Q.R. — State officials held a security meeting today in Chetumal given the recent increase in criminal activity in the southern region of the state.

The meeting was headed by Governor Mara Lezama in the Government Palace of Chetumal Wednesday where results of the most recent security operations were reviewed.

Among those was the recent arrival of 160 military elements and two helicopters.

In a brief statement, Lezama pointed out that 69 new intelligent monitoring points will be installed that will be added to the 20 already existing, which will increase current surveillance camera numbers to 356.

She said they will be added to the three new security highway arches being built in the south, all of which will be outfitted with license plate reading ability.

Abductions and other forms of violent crime have been on the rise in the south. Days earlier, Navy personnel from Isla Mujeres and Chetumal intercepted a small speed boat transporting more than 3 tons of cocaine.

That interception also took place in the southern region of the state.