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Officials attend to Cozumel police employment benefit concerns

Cozumel, Q.R. — Elements of the Cozumel police department voiced their concern Wednesday over employment benefits eliminated by previous administrations. With letter in hand, the officers met with Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquín Delbouis behind closed doors.

Their concerns included salaries, retroactive payments, life insurance, uniforms, support for the elements that are about to retire and some personnel issues. The officers had said that if the issues were not addressed, there would be a work stoppage as of 8:00 a.m. Thursday, however, the officers were heard by the head of Public Security Guido Rosas López and the secretary of the City Council, Manuel Cota Becerra, along with its mayor.

“In this administration, the police have an ally,” said Pedro Joaquin Delbouis. “Before, they told me that if they went up the stairs of the Municipal Palace to talk to the president, they were immediately arrested. That no longer happens. That arrogance is no longer in the municipal presidency. We are always open to dialogue,” he explained.

“We have very valuable elements. We know that there are complaints, also from the people, and in that sense, it helps us a lot if they send them to us to prevent the corporation from being contaminated with bad elements,” he said. Delbouis said that they will work to provide a solution to their issues.