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North Carolina police find $3 million in cash heading to Mexico border

Cleveland County, North Carolina — Authorities with Cleveland County say they made a $3 million USD discovery of what is believed to be drug money heading to the Mexico – U.S. border.

The $3 million USD was found in cash wrapped in plastic hidden inside barrels of pork. The shipment of pork was found aboard a tractor trailer unit that was heading for the border. The discovery happened when Cleveland County roadside police stopped the unit for a traffic violation.

According to a press release, the Sheriff’s Office made the stop on Interstate 85 Saturday evening when they reported stopping the unit for “failure to maintain lane and impeding the flow of traffic,” the sheriff’s office said.

While questioning the driver, a narcotics dog was used to help with their inspection, marking the vehicle positive for specious cargo. After being tipped off by their K-9 alert, an inspection revealed $3 million dollars in bills wrapped in plastic mixed inside the barrels of raw pork shoulders.

“During the search, approximately $3 million in cash was located in barrels containing raw pork shoulders,” the sheriff’s office said adding they believe the money was a product of U.S. drug sales that was headed to the border with Mexico.

Sheriff Alan Norman said “It’s one of the largest U.S. currency seizures in Cleveland County history,” adding “It is time that there is a strong stand taken at the boarder to help slow down this cancer that is overtaking the United States.”

The police station said they have requested investigative help from the Department of Justice.