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Nine active police officers arrested for participating in looting of semi trailer

Esperanza, Puebla — A total of nine police officers were arrested after they were found looting an abandoned semi trailer. On Wednesday, the National Guard made the arrests in the municipality of Esperanza in the state of Puebla.

Six officers from Puebla and three from Veracruz were jailed for theft of merchandise from an abandoned trailer after it broke down. The nine were arrested for allegedly having participated in stealing merchandise left inside the unit.

The governor of Puebla, Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta, said that the case will be investigated, adding that his administration will not allow “thieves.”

“If they are thieves, let them go, it’s that simple. We are not going to cover up a stupidity of this nature,” he said at a press conference.

The Puebla Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that the state elements have already been suspended while the corresponding legal procedure takes place.

The unit reported that it will collaborate with the ministerial authorities in order to fully clarify the alleged responsibility of the agents in the events attributed to them.