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New wastewater drainage system installed for Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Aguakan says they have invested more than 22 million peso over the past year on drainage improvements for the island with more than 8 kilometers of networks.

The company says the work began on la Carretera Perimetral and includes the introduction of varying sized pipes that will benefit approximately 4,900 islanders.

Based on a sustainable vision and continuous improvement, Aguakan invested 22 million pesos last year in the introduction of a drainage network in the South Zone of Isla Mujeres to strengthen the wastewater system with the installation of more than 8,000 meters of PVC pipe.

This drainage system will ensure access to a basic service, which provides certainty to the community about the care of the environment thanks to the process of collection and treatment of sewage and protecting the various bodies of water surrounding the state.

“With this investment, we ensure the installation of modern infrastructure and in optimal conditions to meet the current needs of the island, reiterating our commitment to protect the environment and the community,” said Eng. Fausto Ramos, deputy manager of Aguakan in Isla Mujeres.

With this project, the company will achieve 100 percent drainage coverage, ensuring compliance with the complete service cycle and giving its customers better living conditions by providing them with a safe environment free of pollutants.

Municipal president Juan Carrillo said that “This drainage system undoubtedly brings a great benefit to all the families that inhabit the island, ensures access to a basic service and protects the environment thanks to the process of collection and treatment of sewage, which significantly protects the bodies of water that surround our municipality.”

The project is scheduled to conclude in December of 2019. Aguakan says that in 2017, they treated more than 815 million liters in Isla Mujeres, which were 100 percent clean when injected into the water tables.