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New hotel project for Paamul open for public consultation in Cancun

Paamul, Q.R. — A new hotel project set for the seaside village of Paamul has gone to public consultation in Cancun.

The village of Paamul, which lies in the municipality of Solidaridad, is set to see the construction of Bahía Paamul, a 34-room hotel built on the area’s south shores. The announcement was made through the Ecological Gazette of the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries (Semarnat) that details the hotel.

According to the Gazette, the construction project is promoted by Graciela Eloísa Zapata Ravell who intends to build a 34-room hotel with master suites, employee facilities, maintenance shops and two pools.

According to the Environmental Impact Statement, “The project consists of the construction of a hotel comprising of 34 hotel rooms and three Master Suites that will be equivalent to three hotel rooms and two Junior Suites which will be equivalent to four hotel rooms, which gives a total of an equivalent density of 41 hotel rooms for the project along with facilities such as employee restrooms, laundry, elevators, employee dining, housekeeper stays, maintenance workshops, boardrooms, a pool and a snack bar pool, which is intended to consolidate in a total area of 3,852,437 m2.”

Public consultation for the project is available until September 26 in the office of the federal delegation of la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Semarnat) located on Kukulcán Boulevard at kilometer 4.8 boulevard in the Cancun Hotel Zone.