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New hotel construction announced for Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — A new hotel for the municipality of Tulum has been announced by state officials in a ceremony headed by governor Carlos Joaquín González.

During the ceremony, Joaquín González said that businessmen who are committed to the protection of the ecological environment are well received, saying that they are promoting the construction of the building, which is being done in compliance with regulations and ecological laws.

Tulum’s mayor, Víctor Mas Tah, welcomed the investors who will construct the hotel near the archaeological zone.

“Tulum is growing strong and is becoming another power of the extraordinary tourist leadership that Quintana Roo has, to which is added the work of the private initiative with hotel complexes that are betting on development and creating sources of work in the municipality that are reflected in a better quality of life for locals,” he explained.

Mas Tah recognized the efforts of entrepreneurs who are working to boost the growth of Tulum, but above all, take care of the environment. “Tulum is a destination that tourists from different nationalities visit because of the characteristics it presents, where green tourism and environmental care are promoted, so they have the support of municipal, state and municipal authorities,” he said.

The new Hotel Misión Tulum is expected to cost around 120 million peso. There is no word on it’s anticipated completion date.