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Nearly 400 weapons seized from streets, destroyed

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor Carlos Joaquin assisted in the destruction of 393 weapons that have been removed from the hands of criminals in Campache, Yucatán and Quintana Roo.

The weapon destruction took place at the Military Garrison in Cancun. The weapons were destroyed by the Ministry of National Defense during the Decommissioned Weapons Destruction Ceremony, which was also attended by the commander of the X Military Region, Brigadier General Victor Hugo Aguirre Serna.

Along with the 393 weapons, authorities also destroyed 7,745 cartridges of different calibers and 224 magazines.

The destroyed armament is the result of police action against crime along the Yucatan Peninsula. Commander General Horacio Flores Fonseca, commander of the Military Garrison of Cancun, stressed that the event corresponds to the National Peace and Security Plan designed by the President of the republic.

The commander indicated that it is a massive destruction of firearms, artifacts considered the main generators of violence that affect security.

“When removing these weapons from the streets, we will surely be avoiding another assault, possibly the murder of an anonymous person or even a friend or relative. For that reason, I consider it fair to recognize the participating units for whom I ask for a deserved applause,” he said.

Commander Flores Fonseca affirmed that authorities of the three orders of government are committed to the protection and security of individuals.