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Naval element opens fire on Baja California Sur base killing three

Mulegé, Baja California Sur — A member of the Navy of Mexico remains in detention after killing three people. In a statement, the Secretary of the Navy says the unnamed naval man shot and killed three people on the Baja California Sur naval base.

The shooting took place early Sunday when, for reasons unknown, the man opened fire against two fellow male naval personnel and one female civilian. The shooting happened at the Advanced Naval Station (ENA) in Mulegé, Baja California Sur. All three died from their injuries.

In their public statement, they said he “was placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities, registering a hostile attitude against personnel of this institution, which are acts contrary to the values and principles of naval discipline.”

“The corresponding legal actions are being taken in order to collaborate at all times with the competent authorities, who will carry out the investigations in order to clarify the facts,” they added.