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National Guard begins operating in Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — The National Guard has begun operating in Tulum with mayor Victor Mas Tas welcoming them.

On Wednesday, la Guardia Nacional officially began operating in the municipality of Tulum, reports Mas Tah who highlighted that their presence will provide citizens certainty by joining the tasks of providing public safety.

For several weeks, Mas Tah has focused on managing the installation of a National Guard base “because having National Guard facilities will reinforce the work carried out by the police and all the instances involved, but now with greater certainty, we will continue to watch in coordination for the safety of residents and our visitors,” he said.

He affirmed that “it is a very wise and positive decision of the federal government to coordinate the work in the matter of security because our mission and function is to serve the citizens.”

Rear Admiral Alejandro Estrada, responsible for la Guardia Nacional in Quintana Roo, said that security is something that citizens ask for daily and that the three orders of government are constitutionally obliged to provide this service.

He said that work and efforts to provide security to citizens will continue to be coordinated and now with greater determination to strengthen the National Guard’s public security of the ninth municipality, which will work in an organized manner with state and municipal police.