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Morning commuters go around Puerto Morelos accident scene

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Speed is a said factor in the overturning of a utility vehicle in Puerto Morelos. Saturday morning commuters were left to go around the truck they came upon laying in the center of the Federal 307.

It was just before 7:00 a.m. when motorists phoned in the accident. National Guard Highways arrived at the Puerto Morelos scene near Crococun. The 46-year-old driver Timoteo “V” was found sitting outside his unit unharmed.

The driver is seen leaning against his truck, far left, in the middle of the Federal 307 Saturday. Photo: November 18, 2023.

He was heading toward the town of Puerto Morelos when he toppled his vehicle. The canopied truck landed on its side in the middle of a straight stretch of highway blocking two lanes. The top heavy truck is believed to have fallen over due to speed as he swerved in and out of traffic.

A tow truck was called to remove the Toyota Hilux from the center of the busy highway which added to the early morning congestion.