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More than a dozen members of criminal cell captured in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — More than a dozen people who are believed part of a criminal cell in Cancun were taken into custody Saturday. The arrests were made after the deployment of several operations around the city.

The operations were the result of a spike in recent criminal acts around Cancun. At least one of those taken into custody is said to have been involved in the retaliation shooting of a Cancun police officer the day before.

The active Cancun officer was shot twice after being abducted from his private vehicle outside his home. He has since been identified as one of the arresting officers in a motorcycle pursuit two days before that left one man dead.

During the Saturday afternoon arrests, officers on the ground had Quintana Roo Police air support. The operations were carried out in coordination with the army and navy. A total of four weapons were seized.