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More than 10 kilometers of northern Playa del Carmen highway replanted

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — More than 10 kilometers of central Riviera Maya highways have been replanted after Tren Maya damage. The municipality of Solidaridad is making headway with the replanting of trees and shrubs that were removed several years ago to make way for Maya Train tracks.

Playa del Carmen Mayor Lili Campos says more than 10 kilometers of replanting progress has been made on the federal highway toward the limits of the municipality with Puerto Morelos.

Campos says the vegetation is being added to beautify that stretch with ornamental plants from the region.

Lucelly Ramos Montejo, the Director of Environmental Management and Climate Change, said that although the highway is the responsibility of the federal government, Lili Campos carried out the necessary steps to intervene on the median of the federal highway, which is carried out in collaboration between the municipality, hotel sector and the Mexican Arboriculture Association.

“In this section from the access at Pintores Avenue to the north, royal and ornamental palms have been planted. To date, 422 specimens,” she said adding that “other areas of the road have been worked on.

“The important thing is that it is carried out jointly between environmental management personnel and hotels who work on the spaces in front of their facilities.”

She added that within the plant restoration program, actions are also carried out in urban areas of Puerto Aventuras as well as Playa del Carmen and that work is being done on the project of monumental trees, being in the process of phytosanitary pruning, which will go through the Cabildo so that they are protected by municipal decrees to avoid alteration.

Montejo pointed out that work is also being done to beautify other medians in the city, verifying the type of species, addressing different aspects such as the relocation of unsuitable plants, especially ceibas, which represent risks in the medians and have to be transplanted or relocated to other spaces.

She said the projects are being carried out in coordination with the Secretary of Public Services, Civil Protection, Environmental Impact Regulations.