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More alternative routes announced during Cancun construction projects

Cancun, Q.R. — Prep work continues around the southern area of the city of Cancun as it readies for three major roadway construction projects. The city says that they are continuing to monitor bridges and roads to ensure the distribution of vehicles during the rehabilitation of the Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard.

Lourdes Latife Cardona Muza, who is currently heading Cancun City Hall, specified that various repair projects by the General Directorate of Public Services is underway on the alternate roads that will be used during the remodeling.

Muza said it is important that residents know these alternate routes in advance in order to anticipate the additional time required to get to where they need to go. She also reported that the city continues to work with businesses, hotels and transport sectors to mitigate the effects that could be caused by road closures.

The Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard project, which will take 450 work days to complete once its started, consists of the rehabilitation of 13.5 kilometers of roadway. The remodeling of the city’s entrance will include more lanes, curbs, sidewalks, traffic lights, road signs, lighting and transport bays.

The three strategic projects for Cancun includes the rehabilitation of Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard, construction of the Nichupté Bridge and the new cloverleaf road system for the Cancun Airport junction.