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Monitoring group finds unusual wrinkle-faced bat

Cozumel, Q.R. — A species of bat not often seen on the island has been located in an urban area of Cozumel. The Centurio senex or wrinkle-faced bat made an appearance to the delight of island bat enthusiasts.

Members of the bat monitoring project of the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation spotted the small wrinkle-faced bat. Project coordinator Noel Rivas Camo explained that during their last monitoring project, they captured a pregnant Centurio senex, leading them to believe the species reproduces in January.

He says the discovery of the pregnant bat was special, adding that they are rarely observed during monitoring, since it is a vagrant species that uses the jungle foliage to rest. He added that it is characterized by having a face devoid of hair and covered with dermal folds, which is an enigma for scientists since they do not know the specific function of those folds.