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Mobility Institute cracking down on Isla Mujeres golf carts

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The Institute of Mobility of Quintana Roo says they are cracking down on the irregular golf carts that roam Isla Mujeres roadways.

According to Bibian Castillo Dzul of el Instituto de Movilidad de Quintana Roo (IMOVEQRoo), the crackdown is aimed at the private sector who include the carts in private home rentals. He explained that these golf carts are rented, mostly through digital platforms, and are included as a get-around vehicle in the rental of the private homes.

He noted that the golf carts are being leased without the proper permits and insurance, adding that these irregular leases are considered part of the piracy on public roads. “We have more than 20 case reports related to some type of piracy, but 18 are houses that rent the property for vacationers and do it with a golf cart included.”

Castillo Dzul says that over the last two weeks, of those 18 golf carts found circulating, nine were seized and taken to the municipal car pound in Cancun. “That is where they will have to go to recover them, after paying a fine, which is defined by the central offices of the institute.”

Castillo Dzul added that they are also aware of people renting thier private vehicles to vacationers in high season, explaining that they too, are without a concession to provide such leasing services.