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Military seize 25 kilos of cocaine from Cozumel beach

Cozumel, Q.R. — A large black plastic wrapped package located washed up on a Cozumel beach has turned out to be cocaine. The large block was found by patrolling military men Wednesday.

It was located in the area known as Punta Arrecifes of the island and is reported to be a total of 25 kilos of the drug. According to an official statement, the blocks found are equivalent to 25,000 street doses with an estimated national market value of more than 6.2 million pesos.

Authorities have seized it, “thereby preventing this type of addictive substances from reaching Mexican youth and affecting their integral development,” the agency added in their statement.

The seized package was made available to the competent authorities in order to carry out investigations confirm the type and quantity of the drug. The 25 one-kilo bricks were stamped with “Atlas GYM”. It is the third drug finding on Cozumel beaches already this November.