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Miami beaches hit with mass arrival of Sargassum

Miami, Florida — Approximately 24 kilometers (15 miles) of Miami beach is again covered in a thick mass of sargassum with the recent arrival of more seaweed.

The sargassum, which landed on the beaches of Miami earlier this week, remains an issue for beachgoers despite cleaning since there is a constant flow of the algae washing up on shores.

According to CNN, the county of South Florida has planned a massive collection of the seaweed with heavy machinery over the next few days in three of the busiest tourist beaches, however, the presence of sea turtle eggs creates a difficult situation.

To prevent the eggs from damage during beach cleaning days, officials have placed red cones in the nesting areas.

According to CNN, the excess of sargassum is due to the polluting chemicals that are poured from the coasts of Brazil, which has caused the algae to grow excessively and arrive both in Miami and the beaches of Quintana Roo.