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Mexico’s Servicio Sismológico Nacional records ongoing seismic swarm

Loreto, Baja California Sur — A seismic swarm has been recorded in the Sea of Cortez for more than two days. Mexico’s Servicio Sismológico Nacional (SSN) reports activity magnitude as high as 4.8.

According to the SSN, the epicentral region on Wednesday was 73 kilometers northeast of Loreto, Baja California Sur at a depth of 10 kilometers.

The seismic activity began April 16 in the Sea of Cortez area. More than 25 tremors have been recorded since the movement began. Activity has been recorded mostly between Loreto, Baja California Sur and Huatabampo, Sonora.

The 25 earthquakes registered since the start have been between a magnitude of 4.8 to 3.6. The Sea of Cortez is very close to the San Andreas fault, 1,200-kilometer-long zone that is part of the boundary between the Pacific and North American plates.

It is a transform boundary on land and can be seen from space.

Mexico’s Servicio Sismológico Nacional records ongoing seismic swarm
Image: SSN

As of Thursday morning, the SSN continues to report earthquake activity. Movement of 4.5 magnitude is being recorded 150 kilometers southwest of Tonala, Chiapas at a depth of 16.1 kilometers.