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Mexico sends nationals to Utah, Michigan and Wisconsin to face criminal charges

Mexico City, Mexico — Three men have been sent to face criminal charges in various states in the U.S. On Friday, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported on the extradition of three men to Utah, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Francisco “H” was handed over to authorities in Salt Lake County, Utah, where he was wanted for homicide, robbery and obstruction of justice. In 2015, he is alleged to have killed his girlfriend before robbing her of her personal belongings. He is also being charged with obstruction of justice after he was found to have lied to authorities about the murder to distract the investigation.

Juan “S” was wanted in Van Buren County, Michigan for homicide and felony firearms offense. He is accused of shooting a man to death in 1995.

Octaviano “J” was extradited to authorities in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, where he will face charges of murder and attempted murder. In 2006, he is accused of shooting his wife and four men in a park. Two people died. Three were injured.