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Mexican navy seizes vessel of cocaine off coast of Chiapas

Puerto Chiapas, Chiapas — The Navy of Mexico reports the assurance of 27 packages of cocaine and the arrest of three off the coast of Chiapas.

The seizure was made by marine officials with the use of a helicopter, which tracked the small vessel and its crew. They report the seizure was made after carrying out intelligence work that involved illegal activities at sea.

A maritime and air surveillance patrol operation was conducted that included Persuader-type aircraft, a Phanter helicopter, an MI-17 helicopter and an Interceptor Patrol of the Mexican Navy who found their targeted vessel with two outboard motors traveling at high speed approximately 92 nautical miles (170,384 kilometers) northwest of Puerto Chiapas.

The boat was loaded with approximately 1,140 kilograms of cocaine. Surprised by the presence of the navy, the three on board began to throw their load into the sea, however, the vessel was boarded by means of a vertical insertion by marine personnel.

An inspection confirmed the packages of drugs. The vessel, its crew and unlawful cargo were seized.