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Mexican boy’s wish to see snow fulfilled in Canada

As part of Mexico’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, a young boy’s dream to see snow has come true. The young boy, who is under medical treatment for cystic fibrosis, was flown to Whistler, British Columbia to see first-hand, just what snow feels like.

The trip was made possible by Mexico’s travel company BestDay, who worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to have the child and his mother flown to Canada. Franco, who is eight and ill with cystic fibrosis, wanted to see it in person.

Julián Balbuena, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Best Day Travel Group explained that “For BestDay, it was an honor to collaborate with Make-A-Wish Mexico in such praiseworthy and positive work for our society. This is the second time we have collaborated with this foundation, fulfilling the wish of a child.

“On the previous occasion, we fulfilled the wish of a 17-year-old boy who wanted to see the sea, taking him to Playa Balandra in Baja California Sur. This time, we were involved in taking a boy to Whistler in Canada along with Estefanía Ahumada, an actress and influencer, to make Franco’s wish come true, who longed to see snow.”

BestDay begun their campaign in 2017 with BestDay Wishes, in which they say 10 people had their wishes fulfilled. They continue to work with Make-A-Wish.