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Mexican authorities detect drug plane over Belize

Coastal Road, Belize — Personal from the Departamento de Defensa de Belice report the discovery of another plane loaded with drugs, which they say, landed along the Coastal Road of Belize next to Quintana Roo.

According to reports from Belize authorities, a Jet G2 Gulfstream was found loaded with 70 bales of cocaine. The plane and the packages of drugs were seized by Belizean authorities and remain under guard by the Departamento de Defensa de Belice.

They say this is the latest aircraft discovered since January, when two back-to-back drug planes were discovered landed in Mexican territory. One plane managed to land successfully near the community of New Israel and the other in Mahahual.

The the case of the Mahahual landing, the pilot and co-pilot, both of Bolivian origin, were arrested.

The latest plane seizure was made with assistance of the Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (Mexican Air Force) who detected the illegal jet over Belize territory. The Belize Department of Defense headed to the Coastal Road where the located the jet carrying a drug shipment. The crew of the aircraft were arrested.